Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diamond Orange Peel & L-Glutathione Review

To start things off, I would like you to know that I have EXTREMELY oily skin which all of you know that having an oily skin is probably equivalent to having an acne prone skin. I don't really break out a lot except when my period is near I get three to four pimples around my cheek and forehead area but It goes away as time passes by. I guess It has something to do with your hormones right? So anyway, these past few months my face went CRAZY!!! from having a clear skin to sudden pimple galore face. I know it's disgusting but battling with acne is NOT EASY as 1, 2, 3. Trial and error must be done first in order to find the perfect solution.

I've tried everything in order to control my acne/oiliness of my face and to fade my acne marks. I've tried different types of acne products from creams, gels, soap, toner etc. and non of them seem to work. Some products worked for me but when I stop using them my pimples come back. And now I can say I'm desperate enough to have clear skin again. I know it's not easy to find the perfect product but with the help of internet I was able to find raves of different skin care products. 

What It claims: A specialty soap that combines the natural exfoliating and refining properties of Orange Peel Extract with the whitening power of Glutathione. It deep cleanses, unclogs pores, heals acne prone skin, lightens discoloration, stimulates cell renewal and brightens overall complexion. Achieve healthy, fairer, even-toned, silky smooth skin! 

I read a lot of raves about this soap and I was eager to try it until one day when I was at Watson I find myself buying this soap. It cost P143 at Watson and I'm not sure if it's available at grocery stores. 

  • It's a huge bar of soap and if cut into pieces it will last long 
  • It smells so good! (like a freshly squeezed orange) 
  • It lathers up well 
  • It can be use for face & body 
  • Expiration date is indicated in the packaging 
  • Expensive (compared to other soaps in the market) 
I'm still in the run of battling acne and I hope this soap will work for me. I know my acne will not stop overnight and patience is a must! 


  1. ill try this soap. thanks :)

  2. i had my share sa gantong soap and now medyo takot na akong magtry,the shulammite carrot soap reacted on my face as in tiny red spots they itch parang sand paper face ko pero its ok na for almost a week na pag aantay hehe

  3. buti na lang ok :) baka you're skin was adjusting pa to the product kaya ganun :)

  4. Meron ho ba to sa lahat ng watson sa pilipinas... Nakaputi ba to

  5. Meron ho ba to sa lahat ng watson sa pilipinas... Nakaputi ba to


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